youth for christ


Because of you…

An improving economy has ushered in influences of Western culture. Gambian youth are abandoning traditional family values and are choosing to adopt the lifestyles and attitudes that are seen on TV, in movies, and hip-hop music videos.

Youth for Christ desires to raise up a new generation of Christian young people that will lead their peers into a lifestyle of godliness. Volunteers teach Christian Religious Education in seven schools on a weekly basis.

Other current ministry activities include weekly fellowships in 4 villages, sports ministry, quarterly Leadership Training retreats, “Worth The Wait” abstinence training, and summer camp. Plans to start two more weekly fellowships and a Discipleship School are currently underway in up-country villages.

Prayer Needs
  • Increase in harvest through evangelism team’s outreach program
  • Increase in laborers as the team expands the school ministry into more locations
  • Peace and tranquility and freedom of religion in the country
  • Salvation of the leaders of households, as the entire family will follow
  • Wisdom in starting a sustainable business to provide reliable income to fund the ministry